The online poker safety issue

If you have ever checked any forum dedicated to online poker or if you have ever had the pleasure of sharing a drink or two with a few passionate online poker players, then it is highly likely that you also had to suffer through a discussion on whether online poker websites are safe or whether they are interfering with the randomness of the shuffle in order to get ahead. It is the most commonly discussed issue about online poker safety, while there are also discussions about whether you can trust such a website with your money and your personal details.

In regard to the first issue, we would like to go on record by saying that there is nothing that online poker websites do in order to interfere with the shuffle and the outcome of each hand. And the only thing that you need to employ in order to understand this is some common sense. For one, why would they bother? They earn enough without having to alter the outcomes of hands in order to attract new users. Also, how much can they really accomplish by doing this? Now, try and compare this with the legal troubles they would find themselves in over this and it becomes quite clear that this is complete nonsense.

It seems even more nonsensical when you consider the fact that patter-analyzing software has developed to such an extent that any unusual movements of the patter or strange outcomes would be easily detected, which would then bring about the full penalty of law.

When we are talking about the safety of your personal details and your money, there is nothing to worry about there. Online poker websites rely on their reputation in order to make their living and they do not let anything to chance when it comes to security. You can expect the most advanced encryption methods and other security features to be protecting your details at all times.